Why is this the "Ultimate Presentation Leader" for the successful Saltwater Sport Angler?

Stealthy Hybrid Leaders: start with a thin Nickel Titanium (NiTi) wire leader by Aquateko which is; Knottable, Toothproof, Kink resistant, Non-corrosive, and features a Static Shock absorption. It is then spliced to a length of Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Shock leader, strength matched to the wire, and provides a Dynamic Shock resistance. Next there is an matched Fluorocarbon Invisaswivel, also by Aquateko. The Invisaswivel can be placed anywhere inline within the length of the Fluorocarbon Shock Leader by the angler for his/her desired preference and fishing technique. This Hybrid design makes for a very Lightweight, and a Highly Sensitive leader giving you the advantage of Stealth and Finesse.

  • Flurocarbon to wire leader connection
Attaching your Stealthy Hybrid Leader

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