What makes a Stealthy Hybrid Leader?

William Harned

Stealth relates to the lack of visibility (and with a sneaky profile behavior).

To begin with: Hybridization

Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Leader material was chosen due to the findings by;


08/28/09 - REVISED by Mark Smith. Results achieved when testing 6 different leader materials at 3 strength ratings; 20, 40, and 60lbs. (Originally published by 

Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Leader showed the best results of all six, increased softness, increased stretch, and lower profile diameter per line strength/weight. All three factors were considerations when designing the “Stealthy Hybrid Leader”. The Premier label may be the most expensive, but it is Seaguar’s 3rd generation refined product.

First of all

The greatest amount of stretch was paramount when considering a ‘Shock Value’ for a fluorocarbon leader. Although monofilament is known for its better stretch characteristics, it is not as invisible as is Fluorocarbon, or as abrasive resistant. Also, Mono exhibits more drag while it is cutting through the water column from left to right to left battles. However, this characteristic may be important when fishing large bluewater gamefish.

Line diameter and limpness are also important considerations when considering a low profile stealthy performance. 

If you are attaching a fluorocarbon leader into your braid, or short topshot, having some stretch is valuable. Because stretch occurs from the beginning of hook-up until the break point; throughout that period of stretching, is related to as ‘Dynamic Stretch’.       

Seaguar proved to be the limpest of the 6 leader materials and had a Dynamic Stretch rating of an average 4.56 inches per 3' of the test material.

Next, is Aquateko’s Knot 2 Kinky Nickel Titanium (NiTi) wire leader, it was chosen due to being:

  • Super-fine
  • Tooth-proof
  • Kink-proof
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-corrosive
  • It is knottable, (great for your standard quick and easy clinch knots and loop knots).
  • And best of all, it is super elastic with a 10 X stretch factor at a sudden point just before the maximum strength rating, resulting in a momentary or ‘Static Shock’ leader feature, it returns to its original length, (similar to that of a bungee cord). This reduces that leader snapping, hook throwing, head shaking moments of the battle.

And to top it off

A Fluorocarbon Invisaswivel by Aquateko is included with each leader. It can be added anywhere within the length of the Seaguar Premier Leader depending on the angler’s desire and fishing techniques (casting or trolling).

  • These swivels are invisible
  • Prevents line twist
  • Has a much slower sink rate than steel or brass swivels
  • Has a neutral buoyancy
  • In-line design for sensitivity from rod to hook
  • Adding the Invisaswivel to a limp fluorocarbon leader provides less stress your lively bait

The “Stealthy Hybrid Leader” is light weight, uses minimum diameters for less drag, provides a total in-line symmetry from bait to the rod tip, and is highly sensitive to bait pick-ups. This provides the best solution for the finesse of your presentation.

Note: the Invisaswivel should NEVER be tied directly to the NiTi wire, only to the Fluorocarbon leader. However, all fluorocarbon leader connections will be above that of the NiTi wire and the Invisaswivel.

View image of a Stealthy Hybrid Leader vs a competition wire leader


The NiTi wire leader is spliced (wire trace splice) to the Seaguar Premier Leader of a strength rating normally just above the wire leader, and finally the epoxy UV bonding of this splice protects the connection. (Knots are already a stressed connection, but can be further weakened by UV rays when out in the sun.)

All Invisaswivels are rated just above the Seaguar Premier Leader strength rating, except for the 12 and 25-pound Stealthy Hybrid Leader (both are matched to the strength of the wire).

This results in a total leader rating to that of the NiTi wire. Therefore, the astute angler can judge his/her fishing tactics and equipment at this strength rating; this becomes the breakpoint. Attaching the leader with appropriate knots can be found at: Attaching your Stealthy Hybrid Leader. (Recommended knots are also listed on the back of each package.)

Why pre-made leaders, why not? When adding the cost for say three outfits 10, 20, 30-pound class rigs you would need to invest in; three each NiTi wire spools, 3 Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon spools of leader, 3 packages of Invisaswivels, and UV epoxy to tie your own.

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